Reserving the Space:

To reserve the Anchorhold space for a day or overnight retreat, please check the calendar below for availability and then email with proposed dates and times.

About the space: The Anchorhold is a 350 square foot tiny home nestled in a neighborhood in south central Bloomington, Indiana. To the east it faces a nature preserve, where you can watch deer, squirrels, and woodpeckers. Its western border is an enclosed garden. It is designed to be a quiet place, a refuge.

The Anchorhold is equipped with a comfortable seating area, a dining table/ desk, a mini kitchen, a sleeping loft, and a half bath (with a sink and composting toilet). It can sleep up to four adults, but is not a suitable space for long term stays, largely because it relies on an off-grid water system. It does NOT have reliable internet access.

Payment: Use of the Anchorhold is free, but donations to help cover the cost of holding this space are very welcome. I would also be delighted if you wanted to donate things to the space itself that you think would be of use to future retreatants (books, candles, mugs, etc.).

What to bring: Journals, books, art supplies, whatever you need to write, reflect, or just rest. The Anchorhold has a small refrigerator, microwave, cooktop, and coffee and tea provided. You may wish to bring some snacks or prepared meals if you plan to stay overnight.

1 Example Street
Anytown, CA 10100